Big Joe's Videos


Thanks to YouTube, videos of Big Joe Duskin have been surfacing from America and Europe.  Someday, we'd love to research the USO videos from Europe during World War II.  Big Joe ended the war as a pianist in a USO band, primarily in France.  He and others from the band performed in clubs with local musicians during their free time, too.  This is why Big Joe was welcomed with open arms when he returned to Europe in the 1970s.  They remembered him.

The best quality video we've seen is one that Bill Hulsizer arranged in 1998.  This performance was part of the Cincinnati Fine Arts Fund's Weekend Sampler.  Enjoy !!!

Big Joe Duskin performing "The Thrill Is Gone" 

Here are links to some more videos that have been posted to YouTube:

Big Joe Duskin Memorial Video

Axel Zwingenberger & Big Joe

Martijn Schok & Big Joe

And finally, Jimmy D. Rogers wrote a song in Big Joe's honor

Jimmy D. Rogers performing "Rock, Big Joe"




  If you know of any other videos, pictures or stories of Big Joe, please email Bill Hulsizer with the details.